Frame Designs

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Scale Designs

Load cell mounting: Frame, rails, mounting plate


Many interesting and innovative designs have been suggested, built and tested. Each have advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Punched and bent
  2. Welded Steel Rectangular Tubing
  3. Progressive die stamped and welded
  4. 3D printed corner brackets/metal tubing
  5. Frameless (2 rails) using strut
  6. Octanorm aluminum extrusion with torx cam locks
  7. Vacuum Forming: A Plastic/Aluminum Hybrid Frame
  8. Ultimate Bottom Board: Utilizing a Manufactured Frame with Aluminum Undercarrage
  9. HawaUbee Scale Design: A Low-Cost All Aluminum Scale


  • durable (won't rust, rot, or become brittle)
  • doesn't compromise accuracy
  • low cost
  • light weight
  • overload limit
  • protect load cells from uneven heating
  • enclose electronics and conceal or protect wires.
  • works with screened bottom boards
  • works with 8 or 10 frame supers

Probably two different designs:

  1. A low cost load cell mounting system for 1, 2 or 4 load cells for a mass produced consumer product.
  2. A load cell mounting system that can be built from readily available materials by students using tools found in a home shop.
  3. A high performance scale for serious research.