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Different platforms support different sensors. Recommended sensors change as new ones are added. Check back before you buy.


Most of the current development is on the Pi but other platforms are added as they are developed. The PC (laptop or desktop mother board) is included for legacy support.


The Pi has digital GPIO lines which allow easy interfacing to digital sensors. When terminated according to the sensor wiring instructions, these sensors will plug into the Hive Interface Board

Pi Recommended Sensors
Variable Sensor Specs Cost
Weight HX711
Temp/RH DHT22
Temp MAX31820 (1-Wire)
Lux TSL2591
Rain RainWise
Video PiCam

The sensors listed below for use with a PC are also supported.


With Laptops and PC motherboards, IO is usually limited to USB and serial devices.

  1. Adam Equipment
  2. TEMPerHUM
  3. USB video camera
  4. USB microphone
  5. Phidget