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This page needs to be created.

The Hardware_list page is old and of date.

Here is different out of date parts list in pdf: Parts List.

  • Raspberry Pi: A+ or B+,2,3 preferred. A and B (26 pin header) will work but not recommended.
  • Power supply (120 VAC to +5 VDC, 12 VDC to 5 VDC USB converter)
  • SD RAM card
  • Hive Interface Board
  • Enclosure for electronics
  • Scale
    1. Load cells
    2. Load Cell Mounts (frame, rails, direct) See Frame Designs for options.
    3. Feet or rubber bumpers, metric bolts
  • Options
    1. Temperature/Humidity Sensor(s)
    2. Lux Sensor
    3. Rain Gauge
    4. Camera
  • Power (AC, Battery/Solar)
  • Internet (Ethernet, WiFi, Cell Phone Hot Spot)