South Carolina Hive Instrumentation Project

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The first statewide, real time, online hive monitoring system.

"Map of South Carolina showing instrumentation hive locations"

Summary: Scale Hives, each consisting of a computer, digital scale and other sensors, will be used to measure hive weight, temperature and humidity in the coastal plain, Piedmont and mountains of South Carolina. The hive computer samples the scale and sensors every five minutes and provides real time access to the data via the internet.

By determining the beginning, end, and quantity of nectar flows, bee keepers will be better able to tell when to add and remove supers, when to move hives and where to locate hives to maximize honey production. Data will be provided to NASA's Honey Bee Net for climate and land use research. The network of scale hives will provide a platform to conduct additional experiments.

Depending on the final cost of production and the number of participating Associations, up to 10 scale hives will be strategically located in order to give the best data coverage for the state. This is the first phase of a multi year project to place scale hives with as many local beekeeper associations as possible.

  1. Grant Proposal
  2. More information
  3. Instruction Manual
  4. Letter from NASA
  5. Oconee Beekeepers Association's Installation VideoSCBA hives 201402.png
  6. Hive Reports


  • Bobby Dunn, Project Manager, Spartanburg
  • Kerry Owen, Directer SCBA
  • Eck Miller, President SCBA
  • All the past directors that had the wisdom and foresight to create the Research and Development Fund.
  • Center for Honeybee Research