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HiveTool .8 RC5 now operates under version 4.9 of Raspbian Stretch operating system.
The latest drivers perform better and there are fewer anomalous readings. It is really nice to be able to perform menu driven scale calibration and zeroing wizard.
The hive values may be read from Hivetool while testing online even before registration.
The power supply voltage is now archived and all sensors can be calibrated, Metric units may be selected and real time clock is supported in the drivers.
Again, hats off to Mr. Paul Vonk for his hard work updating the image and documentation.

HiveControl seems to have lost compatibility with the latest 4.9 Stretch operating system. If anyone knows otherwise or has worked through the bugs, please let me know so we can update.

Cheers, Adrian

Spring 2018 - New Developments

It's been far too long since the last status update of Hivetool 2.0

We are really intent on eliminating the power connections, large batteries and or solar panel at the hive, this requires a new hardware and software platform, thankfully efforts are beginning to yield results; After much investigation Paul designed and had fabricated a new PCB, however mounting the minuscule surface mount parts proved impossible with the equipment at hand.
Since then Paul has been hard at work testing the even lower energy Nordic nrf52840 using their assembled developers board connected over SPI to the Analog Devices AD7124 eval board's 24 bit precision analog to digital converter. After wrestling code for some time Paul was able to get the analog values read into the Nordic processor, initial results look very promising.
Most recently Paul managed to program the Nordic nrf52840 to link up with the Raspberry Pi Bluetooth which will serve as the local data warehouse, edge router and web server at least for the near term. It's a little early to get overly excited but the proof of concept has been demonstrated, now it's on to the many refinements that will be required before a PC board can be finalized.
We are still inviting others to corroborate on the Hivetool project, if you have skills in related areas we welcome your participation. As before this project is still open source.


0.8.4 database password

I lost all my historical email where I captured tons of stuff.

Need the username and password for the database in 0.8.4 Username: mellifera (i think) Password: