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Lots to do! Whether you are a web site developer, database administrator, or programmer, there is something for you. Look over the list below - if you can help, please contact paul at this website ( Thanks!



  • Finish conversion to a wiki. Add instructions, user manuals, and frame drawings
  • Stream Video. Stream video from the hive or record it based on triggers. Partially complete. See the video streaming links at This is a start of the technology needed for the Video Bee Counter.
  • Add drupal access to external database. Integrate Drupal and MediaWiki


  • Warning/trouble ticket system to alert hive owner when hive computer goes down.
  • Alert system to alert hive owner when a hive swarms.
  • Installer for hivetool code (package with apt-get or make?)
  • Data Download/Export Tool. Allow users to download a subset or all of the data log. Specify start date, end date, interval, data fields, and file format (csv, xml, ods, xls).
  • Add Comments to data file. Password protected input form that allows the beekeeper to easily add comments to log file.
  • Graph Selected Data Set. Input form that allows users to generate a graph based on a selected a date range, interval, data fields. Partially complete at
  • Smartphone App. Use smart phone cellular modem for data telemetry from remote yards.